Dollhouse miniature made of polymer clay

Polymer clay miniature ideas for modeling with children. Tutorials on polymer clay.

There are many very cute ideas for sculpting miniature for Dollhouse and dolls that even children can handle with! A Video tutorials on modeling of polymer clay.

All lessons are developed by a certified teacher specifically for our website and YouTube channel:

Tutorials specially for sculpting with children. No sharp objects, sculpting with improvised objects, no special tools!

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Polymer clay Cernit. Description, characteristics, color palette. Reviews of professionals

Cernit is similar to the baked polymer clay (plastic) Fimo (FIMO) with its qualities, but Fimo is made in Germany. Cernit has such good qualities as Fimo as well. At the same time, Cernit has a lower price, which is very much important for large volumes used by craftsmen.
Our website “Polymer clay ideas” features works made from this polymer clay mostly. On our YouTube channel, subscribers asked us to tell them about this brand of polymer clay, since there is not too much information about it in the USA.
You will see a photo of each color from each series baked.

Cernit baked polymer clay
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Christmas polymer clay ideas

4 Christmas polymer clay ideas

3 videos with detailed video tutorials for beginners AND 1 photo tutorial:

1. Christmas frame of polymer clay.

2. Christmas polymer clay ideas: Gnome on a mug.

Christmas polymer clay ideas: Christmas frame and Gnome on a mug

3. Christmas gnome made of polymer clay. Detailed video tutorial on polymer clay modeling.

4. Christmas tree decoration in the form of a butterfly. A detailed photo tutorial on making a Christmas butterfly from liquid polymer clay and glitters.

Christmas polymer clay ideas: Christmas gnome and Christmas butterfly
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Free Transparent Polymer Clay recipe

Free Transparent Polymer Clay recipe (Transparent handmade clay)

This is a recipe for transparent polymer clay which dries on its own in the air. It is great for sculpting berries and flowers. Also suitable for imitating glass jewelry. If you make jewelry, be sure to cover it with varnish, this will give water resistance and more transparency to the product.

Polymer clay transparent Sakura flowers. Hair jewelry

The main components of a transparent polymer clay recipe are EVA or PVA (polyvinyl acetate) glue, preferably EVA (white stationery glue). Since EVA is plastic in itself, there is no plasticizer in it, and plasticizer is not a healthy component for our health, especially when heated. In addition, EVA glue is more transparent than PVA glue.

The most important thing in the glue is that the polymer clay has to be as transparent as possible – high quality.

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Welcome to the site “Polymer clay ideas”

Welcome to the site “Polymer clay ideas”!

This is a new site. The website is constantly updated.

The blog will include those ideas from polymer clay that do not fall into the main sections of the site. Recipes, tool reviews.

About the website Polymer clay ideas?

On our site “Polymer clay ideas” collected a lot of detailed free tutorial on polymer clay, both in photo and video format.  Also there are many photos of polymer clay ideas embodied by masters from around the world! That’s why our site called – “Polymer clay ideas”. Here you can find lots of ideas of creating from polymer clay earrings, bracelets, necklaces, beads, hair clips, namely, everything called jewelry, paintings, glasses, cups, figurines, dolls and many different ideas of decor made of polymer clay.

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