About website Polymer clay ideas

On our website Polymer clay ideas collected a lot of detailed free tutorial on polymer clay, both in photo and video format.  Also there are many photos of polymer clay ideas embodied by masters from around the world!

Our website contains free lessons on sculpting from polymer clay, these lessons were created by different masters. These lessons were made specifically for this website. It is prohibited to copy this content. It is possible to share the lessons and ideas using special social media buttons. More details: Privacy Policy. Each lesson will have a profile link of masters in any of the social networks.

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About the website Polymer clay ideas

Our website Polymer clay ideas is divided into main categories, depending on what you are going to sculpt, you will find ideas, photos and video lessons in one of the main categories (pages) of our website Polymer clay ideas. All basic information about:
– what is polymer clay,
– what kind of polymer clay can be,
– which polymer clay is better,
– what can be made of clay,
– which tools you need to buy.
All the answers to these questions are on the main page of our website.

Website Polymer clay ideas – polymer clay flowers

Website Blog

If the idea or lesson does not fit to one of the main categories of our website Polymer clay ideas, we will place it on our Blog. For example, a review of a particular set of tools, specific subsidiary tools, such as molds or textures.

Double-sided silicone mold bell flower

Or separate thematic  lessons for the holidays, such as Christmas decorations, Easter or Halloween props, because the usual pumpkin and pumpkin for this holiday are differ from each other.

Decor polymer clay Christmas house – Website Polymer clay ideas

What the information is in the main categories (pages) of our website

Polymer clay flowers category – all the ideas and lessons on modeling flowers are collected. In the category of polymer clay figurines – ideas and lessons on sculpting of figurines are collected, whether it is a figurine of any animal, fairy-tale hero, monster or princess (doll). In the category polymer сlay food – there is everything eatable, for example, miniature scrambled eggs on a plate or on miniature frying pan, berries, fruits, vegetables, sweets …

Polymer clay chocolate bar – Website Polymer clay ideas

What is the difference between the jewelry category and the earrings and charms categories?

Since earrings and pendants are jewelry as well. All the techniques for making polymer clay jewelry are described on the page (section) of our Polymer clay jewelry ideas & tutorial website: millefiori (cane, sausage), “lentils”, kaleidoscope, watercolor, imitation of stone and many others. Also, bracelets, hairpins, brooches belong to jewelry category, the ideas and lessons will be collected exactly on this page.

Two categories of our website are made for your convenience

Earrings and pendants can be made using jewelry making techniques, the technique itself will be described on the Polymer clay jewelry ideas & tutorial page. But the photo of the finished product, pendant or earrings, will be each second in its category. Moreover, earrings and pendants can be created in the form of sweets, berries, fruits, vegetables, animal figurines, flower compositions.

Therefore, two categories Polymer clay charms ideas & tutorial and Polymer clay earrings ideas & tutorial are made for your convenience, so that the maximum number of ideas made in completely different ways is collected on one page, but you could easily find them in one place.